Fly higher

After deciding that I would quit my job I waited a few more weeks before announcing it. No particular reason, I still had time and I was nervous about the reaction of my boss and co-workers, I kept telling myself that was a stupid thought I was just living my life the way I want the way it makes me happy and no one could say or convince me otherwise. If in one hand I was delaying it on the other hand I wanted to say as soon as possible, take that weight off my shoulders, so someday near the end of January I wrote my resignation letter, print it out and went to my boss office. As soon as I ask for closing the door she knew bad news were coming. We talked for a while and I have to say that she supported me right away. She made her point, “this is not good for the company but I knew you would someday try to fly higher and I am proud of you for taking that step”. It was such a good relieve… then you start telling your colleges some of them want to know what the hell will you be doing, others couldn’t care less, but that’s perfectly normal. The most important thing is that I felt I was in the right path and I felt completely free, I was the owner of my decisions and yes its difficult to stand up in front of everyone and say this is my dream and I am doing it, when you have a nice job and a good lifestyle… but its not on my genes to settle.



One thought on “Fly higher

  1. Luis says:

    You do not have to feel bad about what others think. FUCK THEM!

    Follow your dreams and do (or at least try to) what you have to do. This is my way of thinking and always will.

    You have goals in life, right? So, follow them!

    Good luck for this new step.

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