working at home vs co-working

being a self disciplined person I always thought it would be just perfect to work at home, I was wrong! If you are self employed you have the luxury of controlling your own time(??) and one can almost have the duty of not havng an office and just be anywhere you want and work from there so you avoid the exact same behavior as you had as an employee… that simply does not work for me. I found out that I am more lazy than I though I was, that we need to create some routines and try to avoid doing stuff that needs to be done at home… I simply can’t make the distinction between life and work if I am at home. So we decided to experiment a co-working place and it has been great ever since. The productivity increased considerably we feel more professional 🙂 and we get to talk and discuss ideas with a lot of different people, its a completely different environment.Actually different than a office where you go as an employee. If you can, try it!

I am sure this is not a rule and for others working from home would be just perfect but probably for one week nothing more 🙂


One thought on “working at home vs co-working

  1. Álvaro says:

    I had the same experience for the last 2 months. I’d been working from home for 2 or 3 years until May. Since then, 200Km a day from home to Lisbon and back. I had the option, for 2 months, to come to my Lisbon workplace only once a week. And I must say my productivity decreased a lot, I mean A LOT.

    I guess you have to disconnect from home affairs to be able to free your creativity and efficiency at home, something I didn’t manage to do.

    Now that I can compare my productivity in and out working with the same team and projects I realized how slow and unefficient I was.

    (Well, not always slow and unefficient – when you work at home you do more of your… home stuff! )

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