WordPress Portugal

Long time no see! I have been working really hard on the OpenTipi project and really soon it will be also available in English, can’t wait to show it’s new looks, its a baby project going into puberty! That’s more than enough to justify my absence and in fact I came here today to speak about something completely different the WordPress community in Portugal. This past weekend we had an informal meeting at this great creative place Lx Factory in Lisbon. It was the perfect environment for this kind of meeting that worked really well. we had a few presentations on different perspectives, the user a Journalist working with WordPress and 2 developers, its always great to get to know how people are using  WordPress what are they problems and how they approach them. Personally I enjoyed the chats after each presentation where we could discuss particular issues raised both by the speakers and the audience. There was also time for some networking and to get to know the new upcoming features for next WordPress release.

The highlight in my  opinion was the plot to make a WordPress hackathon in Lisbon sponsored by the Publico newspaper sometime soon. Let’s make it happen!


One thought on “WordPress Portugal

  1. […] blog sobre a meeting de sabado, não sei se querem divulgar, de qualquer forma aqui fica o link: https://widgi.wordpress.com/2010/12/01/wordpress-portugal/ […]

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