is 9 am early?

Sleepy_For me 9am is early and it’s the perfect time to start the day at the office. I don’t always manage, in fact I tend to be in the office around 9h30 except if there is something booked.  But the truth is that there’s some pleasure involved when I manage to leave my house before 9am, the light outside is different and I feel I can take more from my day. I know what you might be thinking, you are thinking that everyone knows that, and that I am not first person writing about it, the truth is that you may have heard about it or you may have understood how and why it works but if you don’t do it yet you don’t truly know it. This is my experience.

On WidgiLabs innovation week  we watched a video every morning, something me and Nuno were doing in the 2 weeks before. We did this prior to see the e-mail, prior to get hands dirty with work and not only it would set the mood for the day but it made us take some time to ourselves to learn something new or to get inspired when previously we were spending it on traffic because we overslept.

This was, in a way, educational for me, this made my day more productive when I was expecting the opposite. The thing with productivity is that what triggers you may be different from what triggers your co-workers or someone else., you need to test it and find what works for you.

So, What works for you?

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