Are apple fan boys retards?

The fact that I love apple does not make me a retard that doesn’t know a thing about open source! I do advocate open source but I like apple because it simply works.

It may sound strange but I used to have debian installed on my computer, I used to write a pdf using LaTeX, and let’s admit I did it with pleasure. It was a nice feeling doing something complicated that almost needed a course to master and that the majority of people couldn’t do but ultimately it was stupid. I spent so much time on something that was considerable more difficult to do while I could have done it in no time and enjoyed the spare time to learn something new or just chill out. By the time I was doing it there was no Ubuntu or androids, you can nowadays say that running linux on your mobile or laptop is straight forward and does not take effort but it was not like this all the time.

I do have one big thing to thank to linux, I started to speak with my husband because he was the expert and the only person I knew that could fix my laptop when everything just broke (and I lost great amount of work, github was years to come).

I work with WordPress which is all about openness, I know how to do an apt-get install and other weird stuff but I like to open my laptop and start doing my work, not setting up my environment, I like the confort it gives me and the security that it works, I like it to be pretty and with attention to the detail. I don’t mind you call me a “fan boy” even if I am a women, I do mind if you consider me less because I choose something that works out of the box and assume I am not illuminated because I use something that it’s not open and that I can’t control 100%.

Let me tell you a little secret: You get the best pleasure from the things you can’t control, let it go!

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